Thursday, October 04, 2007

ISO: Engineering Lead & Co-founder

We've begun circulating the following job description...

Your mission is to co-architect and build a peer-to-peer system for editing and circulating XML documents with diverse content types, for a market of millions of business teams. You possess remarkable collaboration skills and software engineering talents; a passion for elegant design and quality code; a sense of urgency and attention to detail. You are courageous enough to fly in the face of conventional industry wisdom and navigate the inevitable right-angle turns that every start-up encounters. You are adept at creating connections and developing them into relationships. You are excited to join a pre-seed start-up, help drive it to the next stage, and become a co-founder with a substantial equity share. Prior experience in a high-intensity start-up is a plus.

We are a software startup applying a novel architecture and web UI to a vexing, long-standing problem afflicting millions of business teams. Our goal is to build an irresistible product that spreads virally, becoming part of everyday life for the vast majority of knowledge workers.