Tuesday, May 30, 2006

[AoyW] Nokia Releases Mobile Web Server

Nokia's open source Mobile Web Server software turns your Symbian phone into an Apache server. (They should have called it the Pocket Web Server.) Browsers reach your phone via the internet through a gateway component, which routes traffic to the wireless service. It makes the phone in your pocket internet-addressable, provided you have a data plan on your phone.

How would you use this? Personal publishing and file-sharing come to mind, e.g. offering photos and recordings of the event you're attending to an audience of friends. Everything you capture is immediately accessible to them, without a separate step to post it.

This is pretty cool, but it's not what I mean by the always-on-you web. The reason to carry a web server, or more importantly a web application server, is to enable productivity and team apps with a web UI. That is, a UI where interlinked pages, with hypermedia content, are the focus, instead of files/folders, applications, and a stack of windows. A web UI also allows you multiple local screens, each of which may view different pages in your webs/wikis. Users would naturally want to share some pages; those would be sync'd peer-to-peer, whenever net connectivity is available.

The portable web app server gives you a framework for online web apps like Writely and Basecamp, without driving your data onto the grounds of a third party, nor forcing you online whenever you need to edit. (That's key; most knowledge workers can't simply sign up at an online app service and start posting company data to it; you have to get approval from IT mgmt. That's not just a pain, it isn't very gosh-darn likely!) This personal web service could run on a wi-fi smartphone, an Origami slate, or from a flash drive on any available PC.

Update: Turns out that this post is a decent response to Gabor Cselle's recent musing, What's Missing in Web 2.0?.

Thanks to Oliver at MobileCrunch for alerting me to the news.


At Tuesday, May 27, 2008 11:04:00 AM, Anonymous j.hoobler@yahoo.com said...

Pretty cool -- wonder if it could work with socialcalc? It would be nice if image content served up could be tagged for updating, as in every time you snapped a shot and entered a code that photo would replace a given photo at a certain position on a webpage. Or add the image to an index for a slideshow. The way technology is going these days, I'm surprised they don't have content publishing on flash drives -- like, eg, buying flash drives with a selection of content ready to go for, say, tutoring or introductory, intermediate and expert level programming on a variety of subjects. Bet people would pay not to have to search and download, especially if the material were guaranteed malware and adware free.

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