Thursday, August 31, 2006

[AoyW] UWB Wireless Finally Working?

A Japanese outfit I've never heard of has announced a Wireless USB hub. Is ultra-wideband finally going to escape from the demo hall into the real world?

This device is essentially a wireless docking station for your PC. You plug a flash-drive-sized UWB radio into a USB port on your laptop, and plug USB peripherals into their small hub unit. Voila, you're connected to your peripherals wirelessly.

If this gizmo actually works, terrific. Even if it does, it's a bit of a yawn. UWB is supposed to empower ultra-mobile devices, like media-pods, cameras, smartphones, and flash drives. Imagine a flash drive that you never have to plug in to access; walk up to any PC, and have access to all your data (and always-on-you web apps :-) at gigabit speeds. Here's hoping this is a first commercial step towards that future.


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